Chairman’s Message


Responding to History’s Calling, Carrying Forward Chinese Culture

For the past decade, HKCCDA has responded to the calling of history, taking on the mission and responsibility of promoting Chinese history and culture amongst Hong Kong’s youth. Participants have been increasing for our programs including programs on RTHK, “Chinese History & Culture Academy” series, “Putonghua Radio Drama Competition” series, and long-term radio talk show “Little Mouth, Big Big World”. We are recognized and sponsored by the Quality Education Fund (QEF) and SCOLAR in promoting history and language activities, as well as supported by territory-wide primary and secondary schools. Our bi-monthly magazine《文路》(“Wen Lu”) introduces unique cultures and history of Hong Kong and China towards students, teachers, and individuals in the field of culture. HKCCDA also hosts the Youth Cultural Ambassador Centre (YCAC), assisting in promotion of Chinese culture through youth.

Despite Hong Kong’s reunification with China over 20 years ago, a considerable amount of youths and students are still lacking in knowledge of Chinese history and culture. There is still a long way to go for HKCCDA’s work and mission. Hong Kong’s history and culture is a part of the Chinese heritage. We understand the importance of History’s calling and our responsibilities as a crucial element in improving nationalism and patriotism amongst the younger generation.

“To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue lost teachings for past sages, to establish peace for all future generations” * is the highest state of mind pursued by intellectuals. May HKCCDA unite and collaborate with more like-minded individuals, moving forward with mutual encouragement.


Ng Tak-kay




* Translation of Extract from “橫渠語錄”